Tuscany – Chianti Classico (Italy)

Production area: Conca d’Oro – Panzano in Chianti (Chianti Classico area)

Established: n/a – Hectares: 15 – Yearly prod.: n/a

via San Martino in Cecione, 26 – 50022 Panzano in Chianti (Firenze)

Carobbio… Guardians of a rediscovered land

Located in the Conca d’Oro of Panzano in Chianti, Carobbio covers a total of fifty hectares with ancient vineyards, olive groves, and lush woodlands. The excellent position, altitude and type of soil make this vineyards the perfect place for growing and transforming marvellous grapes, of which Sangiovese is the undisputed king. Thanks to the supervision of the Novarese family and the daily work of enologist Dario Facing with his close-knit team, Carobbio fully expresses its extraordinary vocation through its prestigious collection of wines and fragrant olive oil.


Tuscany – Montalcino (Italy)

Production area: Montalcino

Hectares: 18

Località Pullera, 228 – 53024 Montalcino (Siena) 

“Le Chiuse” has very ancient origins.It was in fact part of the Biondi Santi family properties and was brought as a dowry by Maria Tamanti when she married Clemente Santi in the lasts 1700s their daughter Caterina merried Jacopo Biondi and Their son Ferruccio (Simonetta Valiani’s great grand father) , joined the names in Biondi Santi. Ferruccio was in war with Garibaldi and after that he continued his grandfather work enhancing the value and selecting the vines to obtain this particular clone of San Giovese (Grosso) called Brunello.