Canada: it is like doing business with 13 different countries.




Although Canada was a once-proud beer nation, says Konrad Ejbich, things are changing. Not only is wine becoming more popular, but Canadians are prepared to pay more for it. But understanding Canada means going inside a fragmented market.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and it is number 35 in population (with 35 million people). As one of the most multicultural nations in the world, there are great variations in food and drink preferences throughout its 13 provinces and territories. In additional, each unique province has its own system of wine sales and distribution.

As in other countries, there are additional fragmentations within the marketplace. Reasons for purchasing vary greatly between male and female consumers, younger and older shoppers, novices and knowledgeable drinkers, as well as urban and rural populations.

Woman have become the predominant wine shoppers at the retail level and more often they are also ordering the wine in restaurants, even when accompanied by a man.

In British Columbia there is a very strong market for domestic wines (Okanagan Valley) and for New World producers, such as New Zealand and South Africa, which predominantly produce whites. In additional, there is a significant Asian population in BC, whose cuisine is more suited to white wines.

(Meininger’s wine business international)




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