“ If you believe in a dream, and have the courage to try, anything is possible” – Rick Hansen.

img_7126I always thing about Vancouver and I always said “one day I would like to live in Vancouver for good”. Vancouver represent my sweet dream. I moved from Italy to this lovely place the beginning of 2013. In the previous thirteen years I am back and forth ten times before to make my final decision.

One day I decide to visit the BC Sports Hall of Fame located inside the BC Place Stadium. I was walking and looking around when suddenly I saw a sign: “If you believe in a dream, and have the courage to try, anything is possible”. When I saw this brilliant sentence, it opened up my eyes and help me to make my decision.

Today I can say that I am a happy and lucky person because I followed something was inside my heart for long time. We have only one life and I don’t know what will happen to me in my future.

Today I am be able to say “listen your heart, don’t think to much”. Thanks to my mother that after ten years she realized that now I am happy. Thanks to my brother because always support me and my decision. Thanks to all my english teachers and friends because they taught me about English and first of all about life. Thanks to Vancouver because even though it is an expensive city to live, there are many opportunity if you start your new life from the bottom. Thanks to a special person that today he is not physically here but he is always with me in my heart, every day, every moment. I am following you…

The last but not the least, I would like to say Thanks to myself because I had the courage to try.

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